Heroes of Dragon Age – Review


Heroes of Dragon Age, by Capital Games for EA Mobile, is a card-based combat game set in the Dragon Age universe where you can collect memorable characters from the Dragon Age games. You battle against opponents throughout various locations on the Dragon Age timelines and gain experience points. Each newly-summoned hero also has the chance to deliver a rune that can assist in your battles. Players also have the choice to battle other players through the PvP (Player vs Player) combat option.

Heroes begins with a rather lengthy tutorial that helps you gain your first four heroes and a monster with which to fight your opponents. Each successful battle gains your heroes experience points, cash and in certain battles, gems. These all help you progress through to the game’s end. At various points in Heroes of Dragon Age, you also get to fight in unique battles that give the player the chance to earn a rare hero. The cash and gems you acquire will allow you to purchase new and better heroes, with chances to gain recognisable characters such as Isabella, Queen Anora, Duncan and the like from both Dragon Age Origins and its sequel, Dragon Age 2.


Combat is based on the stats of your card heroes and the runes you currently have applied to your team. Runes can assist with winning the player more gold at the completion of a successful battle. Runes are also able to provide more health for each member, while rare runes allow the player extra protection against hits. Your individual card heroes all have health and defence, which combines to give you an overall stat that you play against your opponent. There is no direct interaction from you once the battle starts, it’s really just down to the runes you have and the speed of each team member. Bear in mind too that some team member attacks have the ability to hit more than one of your opponents. Also, each team member has a colour faction too, and having, for example, an all-white faction team will also give you a buff in terms of attacks.


You can also level your heroes up more quickly by using the combine and consume options. Combine allows you to merge two of the same character type to create a better team member. Consume, on the other hand, lets you choose up to five other team members and have their skills, stats and experience consumed into a single existing team member. Consuming increases the Chance to 2x Damage for the team member, meaning that while your battle is being waged, each hero has a set percentage chance of doing 2x damage to your opponents when you attack. Once each battle is done, you move on to the next, until you complete that map sequence. You can go back and master each previous battle by winning the battle a set number of times. The game rewards you with gems for mastering a battle, and those gems will be needed to purchase better heroes.

Heroes of Dragon Age is not without problems. Most notable of all is the game will frequently crash, fail to start a battle or just sit there forever loading a screen change. And while it is technically possible to play through the game with just ordinary characters, you will need to spend real world money too actually get anywhere near 100% complete. It also has a very weak story that is really just stuck in there to gloss over the reason why you have access to all these characters from Dragon Age.

The encyclopaedia included with the game, and accessible through the Options screen has absolutely no detail about any of the characters or settings and really just tells you what you’ve already learnt in the tutorial gameplay section.

The other annoying flaw with this game is that after every update to the game is released, the whole game has to rebuild and then log on again. This takes anywhere from seven to ten minutes and is a real pain.

The game seems to be all about EA making as much money from you as they can by essentially forcing you to buy gems to get better heroes so you can complete the entire game. The gems you receive from mastering battles are nowhere near enough to purchase a full complement of Dragon Age heroes, and this is just plain wrong.

In comparison to Heroes of Dragon Age, the BBC Doctor Who card-based attack game is really how you do it right. I despise being forced into buying gems and spending money to just complete a game. Just make the game, charge a set price and be done with it.IMG_2897

Other than being amused at some of the loading screen text, similar to the messages displayed by Sim City and The Sims while they load, Heroes of Dragon Age has no real redeeming features and does not add to Dragon Age lore in any way.

This game is purely a great big “Haha, you got sucked in to spending lots of cash on a really crap game!” and that is why I do not like the game. Don’t bother adding this to your mobile game library, it’s not worth it. Go download the Doctor Who game instead.

Heroes of Dragon Age is available on Google Play and iOS.

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