Alien: Isolation – Game Preview

Given the previous poorly designed and received Alien games that have come out over the last few years, you could be forgiven if you felt they should just give the series a rest for a time. Seems as though Sega and Creative Assembly do not want this at all, and so this brings us Alien: Isolation. I really despised the Aliens: Colonial Marines game, it was a terrible game with graphics that were so far outdated and a very poor performance from the voice actors that I, and I think a lot of other gamers, refuse to acknowledge its existence.

According to Sega’s website for the Alien: Isolation, you get to play as Ripley’s daughter Amanda and she is doing all this scary deal with Xenomorphs stuff to try and find out what happened to her mother. So this means we step back in time to a point before Aliens, fifteen years after the first movie Alien to be precise. The game touts to have a single major predator that is always after you, along with the usual Sci-Fi fanfare such as computer hacking, scavenging materials on an abandoned space station and dealing with the big nasty bug-eyed, acid spitting, teeth tearing, pants wetting Xenomorph.

We can only hope that Sega get this right or I fear this will be the end of Alien based games for quite some years. Alien: Isolation will be available later this year on Xbox One/360, PS3/4 and PC.

alien4 alien3 alien2 alien5

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